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E.Bearskin to the Fowls Loop


Start at the Outfitters and paddle down East Bearskin to Moon.  Paddle across Moon to a short portage into Deer.  Be on the lookout for moose in these two lakes.  From Deer it’s another short portage into Caribou.  Paddle down Caribou, or stop at one of the beautiful sites along the lake.  The portage from Caribou to Clearwater is hilly, but short enough to make it manageable.  Paddle through the east end of Clearwater up to Mountain, a long lake along the Canadian border.  The east end of Mountain as well as Moose Lake is stunning, especially in the fall when the leaves have changed and the Tamaracks are almost blinding.  The portage to North Fowl is short, but can be (and almost certainly will be) pretty soggy, so make sure you’re not wearing your church-going pants.  The Fowls are beautiful and very unique compared to other lakes in the area because they have both marshes and high cliffs.  If you are lucky enough to paddle during fall color, then you will certainly remember the Royal River for a long time.. Although pretty in any season,  during the fall the high bluffs above the rice paddy on Royal Lake can be breathtaking.  Stop on John Lake if you have a chance, a small lake that harbors two near perfect campsites.  Cut through McFarland Lake to Pine, and enjoy a long paddle down this charming lake.  At the end of Pine your reward is Johnson Falls.  The falls are a perfect place to swim, relax, or eat lunch.  Letting your muscles rest for a  bit isn’t a bad idea because your next portage is the hardest of the trip.  The next two portages between Canoe and Alder and Alder and East Bearskin are both short and flat.  A four mile paddle down East Bearskin, and you’ll be back at the Outfitters.
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