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Gunflint Lake to Hungry Jack

3-5 days

Gunflint little Gunflint North South Rat Rose Duncan Lakes BWCA
Start at Gunflint Lake and head east along the Canadian border.  This area is steeped in history and is part of the famed Voyageur Highway.  Between Little Gunflint and Little North, there is an interesting relic from the days of the voyageurs.  Come down across North Lake to the Height of Land portage.  This portage crosses the Laurentian Divide, where the water north of the divide drains into Hudson Bay, and the water south of the divide goes into Lake Superior.  This portage was well known to the voyageurs and on a young voyageur’s first crossing he was required to perform a ritual where he was sprinkled with water from a wet cedar bow while swearing to never kiss another voyageur’s wife.  After paddling down South Lake there is a short portage to Rat and then Rose Lake.  Soon after is Rat Bluff, one of the most impressive features in the BWCA.  From Rose, cross the famous Stairway Portage to Duncan.  An easy portage to West Bearskin and then another to Hungry Jack finishes off your trip.
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