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The Marshall lake loop in low water.

Our annual canoe trip took us back to the Nakina region of Northern Ontario.  Our initial plans were for a longer trip, but after seeing the water levels during the first part of the trip we decided to instead paddle the Marshall Lake Loop, which we had paddled in the spring of 2012.  Our original […]

Skiing The Banadad

  This year Kate and I finally skied the full length of the Banadad Ski Trail.  It’s been something we’ve been meaning to do for a long time, and has remained a stain on our resume of Gunflint Trail skiers. The Banadad trail is a 27 km trail traveling through the BWCA.  Unlike Bearskin’s ski […]

The Ottertail, Ogoki, Kapikotongwa, Little Current, and Esnagami Rivers

  This year our annual trip to the Canadian Wilderness took us back to Nakina Ontario.  Nakina is a paddling (and fishing) paradise with many wilderness route options ranging from whitewater rivers to huge scenic lakes.  Despite this, it is rarely paddled. Our last trip in the region had been filled with rain and moose.  […]

An amateur canoeist takes on Seagull Lake

Wilderness has a way of being at once both adventurous and serene, quiet and yet buzzing with a symphony of life. Living on the edge of the BWCAW, I experience these beautiful juxtapositions almost daily, but they were recently more amplified to me during my first time paddling on Seagull Lake. I’ll be honest, I’ve never been […]

Isle Royale

Growing up I had oftentimes heard stories of friends and family having incredible adventures at Isle Royale National Park. I have always desired to experience the island for myself and return with my own stories to share, and working at Bearskin this summer has allowed me to do so. My aunt, a Grand Marais local […]

Round Lake to Gabi and Back

This week Kate and I took a quick overnight trip starting at Round lake, and looping through Gabimichigami.  We had great weather, and shockingly, saw very few people.   Our route had us portage into W.Round lake, and head towards Brandt lake from Brandt we portaged to Flying, and then Fay lake.  Water is very […]

Nighthawk lake through Poplar Creek

I have, on a few occasions, tried to access Nighthawk lake from the small flowage to the east of the lake.  I have always enjoyed overlooking the lake in the winter from the Poplar Creek ski trail.  As the planted white pines surrounding the ski trail grow larger it’s possible that in a few years […]

Before There Was Snow

There is a period of time between fall and winter that gets a lot of people antsy. It’s that time after the leaves fall off the trees and the temperature drops, but the snow has yet to come. It was during this time when most of the staff decided to take a trip to the […]

Visiting friends up the trail

Last Tuesday I headed up to Round lake to visit with a couple friends up the trail. Round Lake is the home of Tuscarora Outfitters, now owned by former Bearskin mainstay Andy.  Andy has more spare time in the winter these days and is making the most of it. From Round I strapped on the […]

Return to the Wilderness

My father’s love for the BWCA area is apparent by the frequent stories he tells of adventures in the northern wilderness. I can repeat these tales word-for-word. My father took me on my first Boundary Waters trip during the summer I turned 16. I remember the trip as being hard work, yet simple and relaxing. […]

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