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Bob Special 15′

Bob Special 15′

The Bob is ideally suited as a tandem day-tripper yet large enough for a weekend canoe trip.  It really shines when paddled solo by a competent paddler. The Bob has a unique blend of characteristics that produces a canoe novice paddlers can enjoy and experts can savor.  It is a great stable platform for fishing, and maneuverable enough for light river work.  Quick for it’s width, the Bob is one of the great all around canoes.

Bob Special 15′

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Bob Special Canoe in the BWCAThe Bob is a great all around canoe

Length 15′ 

Beam 35″ 

Center Depth 14″ 

Bow Depth 21″ 

Capacity 800 lbs


Aramid Light 40lbs

In Stock:


Red Aramid Light: $1715

Ultra-Light nova craft canoe

Bob paddles the Bob

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