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Eagle 17′

Eagle 17′

The Eagle features a higher volume asymmetrical design with plumb stems, fine entry lines, minimal rocker, and a narrow beam to maximize efficiency.  A shallow arch bottom gives this quick canoe a steady feel especially carrying a generous compliment of camping gear into the interior.  If effortless tracking and beautiful glide are what you are looking for in a large tripping canoe, the Eagle is a superb choice.

Nova Crafts Eagle

Nova Craft Eagle on Ram lake in the BWCAW

Length 17′

Beam 34″

Center Depth 14″

Bow Depth 20″

Stern Depth 18.5

Capacity 1000lbs

Weight* 45lbs

In Stock

Aramid Light Clear Coat $1755

*Clear Coated boats weight +/- 3lbs less than colored Aramid Light canoes

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