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Northern Ontario Oufitting

Northern Ontario Oufitting

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Bearskin Wilderness Outfitters is now operating in the Greenstone region of Northern Ontario.  Based in Geraldton Ontario, most of our routes are found north of the small town of Nakina. The Greensotne area offers access to a true wilderness with abundant wildlife, fantastic fishing, and complete solitude.  Trips often traverse a wide range of rivers and lakes.  There are beautiful waterfalls and rapids through out the region.  Rivers such as the Ogoki, Albany, Little Current, Kapitowonga, Drowning, and Steel river are all accessible from the Greenstone area.

A trip in Northen Ontario is different from a BWCA trip.  There is no official portage maintenance, and portages are often partially obstructed by downed trees .  Camping is allowed anywhere, although it's best to camp at established campsites or use LNT principles.  Help is farther away and any poor decision carries more risk in the wilderness.  Some routes do contain whitewater and are appropriate only for experienced paddlers.  If your definition of wilderness requires a lack of motorboats it is important to remember that your route may pass by a fly-in fishing camp.

The main difference is the remoteness of the area.  You will see far fewer people in this area than on a BWCA or Quetico trip.  You will never need to worry about campsite competition.  Fishing will always be good.  You will never need to worry about permits being available.

The Greenstone region is a paddling paradise, visited by very few paddlers.  It is not a managed park, just pure wilderness.  We invite you to give us a call to discuss a visit to this corner of Northern Ontario.


Below is an overview map, showing some of the routes in the area.   Contact us for recommendations and more information about specific routes.

Please note that this maps indicates routes known to exist, that have been traveled recently.  In the wilderness, conditions can change quickly and the portages, campsites and rapids on these routes are not guarantied clear of debris and safe.

Outfitting Rates

Gear and Canoe

We'll supply you with all the gear you need for a wilderness adventure.

3 Days $275

4 Days $335

5 Days $395

6 Days $445

7 Days $495

Additional Days $35


Nova Craft Prospector Tandem Canoe w/ paddles and a pfd   $45 per day

Call for additional gear such as tents, stoves and sleeping gear.

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