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Outfitting Menu

Outfitting Menu

Bearskin Wilderness Outfitters Menu


Name on reservation:_________________________________ Arrival date: ________ 
Check the meals your group would like on your trip, you may have the same meal multiple times by writing a number instead of a check. Each meal you choose will be packed for the entire group (exceptions can be made for special dietary needs) . Beverages you choose will be packed with each meal.  Beverages can be packed based on the number of people that want a certain kind.  Ex. 4 Coffee  2 Inst. 2 Grnds.   This would indicate 4 people would like coffee, two would like instant and two would like grounds.Please let us know of any dietary restrictions or allergies, we can accommodate just about anything.In areas where Bagel/Bread/Wrap is offered, please circle what you would like for that specific meal.We do pack condiments that go with each meal. Ex.  Brats come with Ketchup and Mustard.

We include a spice kit with every food order that includes Salt, Pepper, and Lawry’s seasoning. Please let us know if you would like any additional spices.

A clean up kit is provided. It includes a pot scrubber, dish towels, and dish soap.

Matches are provided.

If you have any questions, comments, or special requests we are always happy to help. Please call or email us anytime.

Your first day’s breakfast is included with all complete and food/canoe trips. A continental style cold breakfast is available at 8:00 in the lodge.

Group Size_____         Trip length (days)______Does your group prefer: Wheat__ or White __ Bread.Would your group like shore lunch supplies for cooking fish?  Yes___   No ___   This includes cooking oil, lemon pepper, paper towels, and aluminum foil.Portion sizes :   Normal____  or  Hearty____
Breakfasts:   We offer breakfast in the lodge for you first morning, right before your trip.  Breakfast is served 8:00am – 9:30am.   Let us know what time you’d like to eat ________.  
­­___Pancake breakfast in the lodge___Cold continental breakfast in the lodge___None/ On your own   
Camp breakfast:  Pick one breakfast for each morning you will be on your trip.  You will probably leave after breakfast your first day Beverage
____ Bacon, Eggs, English Muffin, Jelly____ Wild Rice Blueberry Pancakes, Syrup, and Sausage____ Biscuits and Gravy, dried or Fresh Fruit____ Granola & Milk, Dried fruit

____ Oatmeal, Brown Sugar, Milk, Dried Fruit

____ Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes, Fruit, and Sausage

____ dried scrambled eggs with English muffin and Bacon

__Coffee __Inst. __Grnds.__Decaf. __Inst. __Grnds.___Cream ___Sugar__Tea __Black __Green__Herbal


__ Cocoa


Lunches: Pick one lunch for each day you are out.  When given the option, circle what type of bread your group would like Beverages
____Summer Sausage, Onion, cheese in Bagel/Bread/Wrap____Tuna, Mayo, Onion, Cheese in Bagel/Bread/Wrap____ Beans & Cheese in a Wrap____ PBJ in Bagel/Bread/Wrap____ Mac and Cheese & Jerky

____Bagel , Hummus & Cheese

____ Bratwurst with bread and onions

____ Tang____ Crystal Lite____ Instant Iced Tea____ Gatorade


Snacks: Pick one snack bag per day you are out.  
We pack daily snacks for your group, please select the snack bag below which you would like, you can select the same snack bag for the whole trip or mark how many times you want each bag.___ Snickers, Fruit Leather, Gorp___ Granola bars, Fruit Leather, Gorp___ Nutrigrain bars, Fruit Leather, Gorp  
Dinners: Pick a dinner for each night you will be out.  You will probably be back at the outfitters your last day before dinner.  When given the option, circle the side dish your group would like. Dessert:Pick one dessert for each dinner. Beverages
___Steak and hash browns/mashed potatoes/fry bread___ Chicken Breast and hash browns/mashed potatoes/fry bread___ Brats and hash browns/mashed potatoes/fry bread___ Beef, Vegetables, and Gravy with Mashed Potatoes___ Red Beans and Rice with or without Brats

___ Mac and Cheese and veggies

___ Beef Stroganoff and hash browns/mashed potatoes/fry bread

___ Spaghetti & Sauce with beef bits

___ Chili and hash browns/mashed potatoes/fry bread

___ Quesadillas (veg or Chicken) and rice

___S’mores___Cookies___Pudding___None  __Coffee __Inst. __Grnds.__Decaf. __Inst. __Grnds.___Cream ___Sugar__Tea __Black __Green__Herbal

____ Cocoa

____ Tang

____ Crystal Lite

____ Instant Iced Tea

____ Gatorade


Camp food cooked on a bearskin stove

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