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Bearskin Outfitters Solo Package

Bearskin Outfitters Solo Package

Bearskin Wilderness Outfitters  is happy to provide equipment tailored to the solo traveler.  We also have special rates for solo trips.   Our solo rental, the Bell Magic, is without peer as a fast touring canoe,  and we offer other solo gear such as Hennesy Hammocks, Alps solo tents, Cook Custom solo insulated food packs and 30l Barrel Packs.

Solo Rates

Complete Outfitting Solo Package
Day  3 $300
Day  4 $380
Day 5 $460
Day 6 $530
Day 7 $600
Additional Days $50



Solo Gear Per Day
Bell Magic solo canoe $35
Hennesy Hammock $12
Alps Solo Tent $12
Solo Food Pack $10
30l Barrel Pack $10


Look here for more info on our gear


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