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Pal 16′

Pal 16′

The Pal is a small tandem which is great for short overnight trips or day-tripping.  The Pal handles rough water and wind, and is great for sight seeing and fishing.  Its  narrower beam makes it easy to solo, and it is maneuverable enough to use on slow moving, winding rivers.  If you’re looking for a great all-around boat to use on both solo and tandem flatwater trips, the Pal is just what you need.


P1250134 P1250135

Length 16′

Beam 34″

Center Depth 13″

Bow Depth 20″

Capacity 800lbs

Weight TuffStuff 49LBS

Weight Aramid Light* 44lbs

*Clear coated boats weigh +/-  3lbs less than standard Aramid light boats.  Wood trim adds around 5lbs.

In Stock

Forest Green Aramid Light $2020

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