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Supernova 14’10”

Supernova 14’10”



The Supernova was designed as the ideal solution for the paddler who loves to do solo wilderness river trips. While the Supernova hull characteristics do what you’d expect from a white water boat – like keep you dry and effortlessly surf a wave – where you really appreciate the canoe is the flat water sections in between the frothy stuff.

The Supernova would be most appreciated by experienced paddlers who enjoy messing around in rapids. Even though it comes to life in the rough stuff, it retains enough of a quiet nature that it won’t feel out of place for a casual paddle on the local pond. In the hands of a competent paddler the Supernova is an excellent dance partner.


Length: 14’10”

Beam: 32″ 

Center Depth: 15”

End Depth: 23″ 

Capacity: 850lb


TuffStuff Expedition: 52lbs


TuffStuff Expedition in Sunray (yellow): $1870

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