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Bearskin Outfitters is happy to welcome back experienced musher and outdoorsman Erik Simula this winter. Dog sled trips into the Superior National Forest on the edge of the BWCA wilderness will be offered on weekends and most week days in 2015. Reservations ahead of time are recommended. Tours allow participants the opportunity to ride the runners, an exciting way to experience what it is like to drive the sled and dog team.

mushing with erikEach trip involves extensive time getting to know the dogs and the musher, and learning about the dynamics between them. Erik treats each interaction as an educational experience. You may choose whether you want to ride warmly bundled in the sled, ride on the sled runners, or play a role in driving the team — or perhaps you would like to have all these adventurous experiences during your trip. This year’s team is a group of eight Alaskan Huskies with an interesting alpha male/alpha female hierarchy. You’ll enjoy seeing and learning about their instinctual pack behavior.

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