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Kevlar infused canoesBearskin Wilderness Outfitters is a Nova Craft Canoe dealer, serving Northern Minnesota to the Twin Cities area.  Nova Craft canoes have an excellent reputation for durability and performance,  and are built in keeping with the most advanced methods used in composite canoe building.  Nova Crafts are also available in heavy duty layups for expedition and whitewater use.

Buy a new Nova Craft Canoe from Bearskin Outfitters and receive a $200 voucher for lodging at Bearskin Lodge.

We can still add canoes to next springs order.  If you have a specific model you’d like, let us know soon and we can order it for you.


We carry a wide rang of models from Nova Craft, ranging from the Eagle, a fast flatwater tripper, to the Prospector 16, a mixed water tripping workhorse.  For mixed solo and tandem use, we have the Bob Special, and the Pal.  The Cronje is a flatwater tripper with huge capacity, a traditional look, and more maneuverability than the Eagle.

Nova Craft offer more models than we stock, including the whitewater tripper the Moisie, and one of the most respected play-boats of all time, the Ocoee.  If  you are interested in a model or layup we do not stock, let us know and we can order it for you.  Shipping charges from the factory will apply if we can not combine the order with other boats.


We carry boats in Aramid Light, and Royalex.

Aramid light is similar to the layups seen in most ultra light canoes in the BWCA.  A foam core provides stiffness at a low weight.  Infusion technology means the lowest resin to cloth ratio, so you’re not weighed down by excessive brittle resin which provides almost no strength.  We stock some of our models in a clear coat, knocking off another +/- 3lbs per boat.  These are very durable boats and very low weights.

Royalex is an ABS plastic material that is very tough and slippery.  It flexes more than a composite canoe, which allows it to slide over rocks without damage.  Royalex is the standard material for whitewater tripping and expeditions where boat failure is not an option.

Royalex is also a great option for those wishing to use their boats in shallow streams or rivers, and for people who don’t want to baby their canoe.  Royalex canoes are also less expensive than composites,  making them a great all around or starter canoe.

Nova Craft has other layups, including the Carbon Aramid Blue Steel.   You can look at for more details.


A great time to buy a new canoe would be while visiting the Gunflint Trail.  What better way to appreciate your new boat than to paddle it on its maiden voyage in the Boundary Waters.  If this isn’t an option for you, Bearskin Outfitters can work with you to get your boat to the Twin Cities,  St.Cloud and Duluth area (and possibly farther).  Boats can be brought to the Twin Cities, at our convenience, through out the year at no charge.  If you need the boat right away, we can work with you for a faster delivery as well.

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